GIFT CERTIFICATES  are available for all Sengay Arts lessons, courses and our STORE

This price list is for Leeds only and a travel charge will apply if you wish us to teach outside the area.

Please ask about  block booking discounts  and other class sizes.


Sengay Arts  offers the following certified courses -

Ba Duan Jin    6 hours    

Nine Footprints of the Snow Lion    10 hours

Chik Tumangchopa Gori    4 hours    
(One shared circle)

Tibetan Moving Meditation, Levels 1-3 (Earth form)
10 hours per level 

Tibetan Rolling Hands  (Levels 1-3)
​10 hours per level 

These courses can be made available around the U.K.
​Please contact us for details

Corporate  and group sessions are also available - price will vary depending on location and class size.

Please enquire HERE  and request our corporate brochure or download it directly here.


Some kind words from Sengay Arts pupils.

My name is Antony Longmire and I've practiced martial arts for the last 12 years. I've achieved Dan grades in various styles but have found a great passion and connection to the DJL system as taught at Sengay Arts.
DJL incorporates many aspects I had previously learnt but in a way that is fluid, simple and uses minimal force but with greater effects as well as new and amazing practices I grow to love the more they develop!
I now find DJL creeping into my other styles and it is only improving and growing my understanding of all I thought I already knew!

As Chief Instructor of my own martial arts club I am actively encouraging my own pupils to practice this hidden but amazing Tibetan style for themselves.
A. Longmire

I was first introduced to DJL in the summer of 2011 and without sounding too cliché, it began to change my life.
In what way, you ask? Instead of me telling you my specifics, that journey is yours.
I highly recommend
Sengay Arts and Mike's form of teaching, he really is a master of his art and I feel honoured to have been his pupil. I have spent countless hours searching for this ancient style of fighting on the internet only finding some fleeting reference.
The most important and hardest things you will learn from
DJL are Walking, Breathing and Letting Go.
Enjoy your journey.
Adam Smith

I have no background training in martial arts but was quite excited when I joined the DJL class. I was not sure what to expect but found the training environment to be very relaxed, comfortable and positive.
I found Mike to be highly experienced with the ability to deal with all groups of people at different levels - it did not matter that we were from different backgrounds and had different learning abilities. I have always been made welcome and everyone in the class has offered assistance in my learning experience.
I am highly satisfied and grateful for the outstanding instruction/teaching I have received from Mike. Since joining the class I have increased confidence in myself and it has helped me increase physical strength and mobility. It has helped me develop a further positive attitude and awareness towards life, a healthy body and clear mind.
I would highly recommend Mike's teaching to anyone and say the classes are comprehensive, reality based and fun and they will help you meet the challenges that life offers.
Mike is a natural; his expertise and extensive background in martial arts are evident in his natural delivery.
C. S.

Since my early twenties I have engaged in yoga and martial arts of various styles and currently these last 22 years in Tai Chi.  When Sengay Arts introduced me to DJL I was immediately taken by the art which Mike presented in both an enjoyable and knowledgeable manner.
I encourage everybody to take time out to practice this art with a truly inspirational teacher such as Mike is.
David Perry

Just a quick note to say thank you for teaching me the basics of how to use a walking stick/cane as a self defense weapon. In only a few lessons you've given me enough to practice for months - I'll definitely be back when I feel I'm ready to take it up a level.
Based on my experience I'm more than happy to recommend
Sengay Arts to anyone. Thanks.
S. Raines

I wish I'd found Mike and
DJL years ago. Both are brilliant. I feel calmer, much more aware of my environment and I look forward to practicing this system on a daily basis for the rest of my life.

I wanted to say a big 'thank you' for your help with my Nunchaku practice.  I was taught via Youtube before and fell into the trap of standing still and trying to look fancy.  I look forward to completing your Beginning Mastery course - the certificate is going to look great on my wall   :o)   I thoroughly recommend you to anyone wanting help with all things martial arty.

A. Peters

Sengay Arts


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