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A gentle detox that's also easy on the budget.                                         FREE

​Guide to Fitness & Health

10 page eBook for those not knowing where to start.                               £5.00 (goes to charity) 

Sports drink

Use this instead of expensive, sugary, store bought drinks.                     FREE

Medicine Balls

Instructions to make your own medicine balls.                                         FREE

32 H.I.I.T. Combo

A taxing H.I.I.T. workout - not for the faint hearted!                                  FREE   

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All prices shown are exclusive of P&P as the vast majority of our students are local.
If you require an item to be posted to you then please contact us and we'll be happy to provide you with costs.

All photos will put at the bottom of this page as they become available.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available for this store. Contact us.

​We also have some PDFs and eBooks located at the bottom of this page.  Most of these are FREE !!

Focus game    ​Photo 1 & 2

Developed over 30 years ago, this captivating solo card game is only available from Sengay Arts.

​Designed to use and enhance the players focus, it's suitable for everyone whether involved in the martial arts or not.

All profits from the sale of Focus go to the Tibet Foundation. 

Standard £8.50  each

​Deluxe £16.00

Vitamin C Powder

This is the purest form of vitamin C available. It is an important antioxidant and has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
Several of our instructors take this on a daily basis and highly recommend it.

200g  -    £8
400g  -  £13

Dit Da Jow (Fall Hit Wine/Hit Medicine)  Photo 12

Sengay Arts has sourced this excellent Dit Da Jow which has been aged at least one year..
Please note that this is not a westernised version but one made according to an ancient Chinese recipe.

This Jow is specifically for bruises (contusions) and will -

  • Remove blood stagnation
  • Remove Chi stagnation
  • Tonify the blood (balance blood components)
  • Tonify the Chi ( correct both direction and volume of Chi flow)
  • Reduce pain

1 year old 100ml glass bottle  -  £15  SOLD OUT

2 year old 100ml glass bottle  -  £20 SOLD OUT

3 year old 100ml glass bottle  -  £35 Very limited supply

4 year old 100ml glass bottle  -  £45  Limited supply

5 year old 100ml glass bottle  -  £55 Pre-order only

N. B. Over 18 only.Although this Jow is only for external use it has a high alcohol content.

​"This stuff is powerful - it took the pain and swelling away from my elbow overnight!"

Sengay Arts  Keyring

Keep our beautiful Snow Lion with you wherever you go.

£1 each

Sengay Arts  T-Shirt   Photo 10

Wear your Snow Lion with pride  (pun intended, sorry).
Available in many colours - please ask

£10 each

Sengay Arts  Hoodies    Photo 10

Lots of colours and styles available - please ask HERE
Prices start at £18

Wobble Board  Photo 4

Improve your core strength and coordination. Use of these boards help prevent injuries to ankles, knees and hips and they're also ideal for rehabilitation of those joints.  Maximum user weight of 100kg (15st 10lbs).

Excellent value at only £10 each

Nunchaku  Photo 3

These light-weight training weapons are ideally suited to students with an aversion to hitting themselves repeatedly with solid wooden ones whilst practicing. It's our opinion that these are better than the foam ones which have an unrealistic 'bounce'.
Adult    £4
Child    £4
  (please ask if unsure on sizing)

Zerolites  Photo 6

Zerolites are our glow in the dark nunchaku. The photo shows comparison between seeing them in the daylight and in

pitch black. They don't require any batteries and can be used indoors or outdoors. If ever you needed a reason to start learning chucks then this is it. If you can even do the basic moves with a normal set then you're going to look awesome with Zerolites!

Lots of fun in the dark - only £10

UV Nunchaku Photo 7

These  nunchaku look great in normal light and have a neon effect in UV light. Available only in Pink at the moment but more colours hopefully coming soon.

£5 each

3 Sectional Staff  Photo 5

Our custom made staffs are strong and light. Great for practice and demonstrations, not great for walking down the street with.

Only £12 each

Weighted Body Bar
Made with the martial artist in mind, these four foot long bars are great for punching drills as well as increasing overall strength and fitness. Ask our instructors for workout/drill ideas.
£7 each

Training Knife   Photo 11

This superb quality rubber training knife is great for practicing drills, disarms, etc and is much more user friendly than the usual wooden or plastic versions.

£5 each