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M. M. A.

Mixed martial arts bouts were originally devised to pit fighter against fighter regardless of style. Since its move to popular sport more rules have been created to ensure the safety of participants and to make the action more spectator friendly. Many of the techniques are geared towards a single opponent but can be easily adjusted to be applicable against multiple attackers..

C. A. P.

Combat Attack Points (CAP) training contains a wealth of knowledge about the human body and is best suited to students with some previous martial arts experience.
Sengay Arts has combined Eastern medicine (Meridians, Yin Yang/Element theory) with Western science (nerve routes, anatomical structure) so our CAP training will give you not only a great arsenal but also a better understanding of the human body and its workings.

CAP has 3 phases; Understand, Personalise and Hone.
No matter your previous style or system, CAP will make you a better martial artist. Please
contact us for more details.


Do you want to get fitter and stronger?
Do you want to balance your weight? 

Sengay Arts will provide tailor-made fitness and/or nutrition plans to help you achieve your goals. All this can be done without any specialist equipment and in the comfort of your own home which means no gym fees - EVER!

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Western Boxing

This art only uses the fists to strike but does so with great effect. With a strong emphasis on physical fitness it also contains agile footwork and evasion techniques.

Tai Chi

From China, this system is probably the most well known of the internal styles and whilst it is a superb fighting art when properly understood, most people approach Tai Chi for it's health benefits.
Sengay Arts offers both the Wu & Yang styles. 


A Korean system of self defence known for it's stylish kicks. The sports aspect of this art appears in the Olympic Games.

Qigong / Chi Kung

This is usually taught along side most fighting arts. Qigong refers to an exercise or set of exercises designed to unify the mind, breath and body. Qigong is also taught on its own and our instructors offer several forms. Please ask for more information.
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Karate is arguably one of the most well known self-defence systems and although the word means 'empty hand' it also incorporates the use of, and defence against, many different  weapons.
Sengay Arts
offers instruction in both the Wado-Ryu and  Mu-Chindo styles.


This Japanese style uses body mechanics and leverage to deploy lots of joint locks and throws. Jujitsu's core principle is to use an opponent's force against them.


The space requirements for some styles (especially to start with) can be as little an area 6x6 feet.
Please ask to be sure you have enough space for the style you wish to train in.

Sengay Arts  provide the equipment needed for lessons such as striking shields/pads but for obvious reasons the student is expected to have their own personal items like gum-shields, groin guards, etc.
If you ask us nicely we can probably get these for you at a good price.    

N.B. This applies to Sengay Arts  students only.


This practically unheard of and ancient system from Tibet, once taught to dop-dop warrior monks, is as devastating as it is beautiful to watch. DJL will help increase your spatial awareness and get your whole body working together as one fighting unit. Please get in touch for more information.


Get fit with a stick!

​Suitable for all levels, these fun sessions will help improve your strength, coordination, spatial awareness, focus and more.

​If you already practice with a weapon such as a staff, spear or sword then you will use this during SpearFit. If you don't use a weapon like this then a simple broom handle is ideal.

SpearFit is a non-contact session designed to improve overall health in a way that is both fun and interesting.

Self Defence

For those who do not wish to study a martial art but want / need to learn how to defend themselves in these increasingly violent times, we offer a short course covering all the basics and ongoing instruction.

Certified Courses

As well as ongoing tuition, we also offer several certified courses - please click HERE for current list.