Usually made from wood with a metal spearhead, a lot of space is needed for this weapon and therefore it is normally practiced outside or in large halls.

As well as individual lessons, we can also offer a  SpearFit class - please ask for details.

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Walking Stick/Cane   

The only weapon legal to carry anywhere in the UK, the Cane is usually made from hard wood although some metal ones are also available. Strikes, throws and locks with this weapon are used to great effect.


Traditionally made from wood and used in pairs, the Tonfa is the inspiration for the PR24 police baton. 


Sengay Arts  offers instruction in the Wu Tai Chi Sabre.


A metal baton with two curved prongs. Usually used in pairs.

Jo Staff

Usually made with hard wood and around four feet long.


Similar to a Sickle, the Kama has a short handle with a curved blade at one end. Often used in pairs. 


Usually consisting of two wooden sticks connected by a rope or chain, the Nunchaku is arguably the most famous of all martial art weapons.
​Make sure you ask about our 'Beginning Mastery' syllabus. 

Sengay Arts  offers instruction in a variety of weapons. Some training in a martial art before beginning weapons is advised but not essential.

The space needed to practice weapons can be quite considerable so please check with us. 

Sengay Arts  provide non-bladed weapons for taster sessions but students are expected to provide their own for practice purposes.
If you ask us nicely we can probably get these for you at a good price.   

N.B.  This applies toSengay Arts  students only.

Bo Staff

Usually made with hard wood and around six feet long.


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