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Sengay Arts

Why choose Sengay Arts and why have private tuition?

We offer top quality instruction on a pay as you train basis and truly care about our students progress and well-being.

Friendly instructors (no drill-sergeants) with years of teaching experience.

You (depending on your ability) choose the level of combat intensity you wish to train up to.

You want to experiment with a few different styles before deciding which one(s) to stick with. Sengay Arts provides the ideal opportunity.

The idea of walking into a Martial Art class without knowing what to expect puts you off or even frightens you? We can offer you tuition until you feel that you know enough or are confident enough to go and join a class.

You already have experience and would like fresh, unbiased feedback on your forms/katas or techniques? We'll give you our honest appraisal along with helpful corrections and/or ideas for where to go next.

We come to you !  No more traffic / parking problems or costs.

You simply can't commit to the same time/day each week. Our instructors will do their best to accommodate your requirements.

You'd like to train more often but there aren't any classes in your area at the times you're free.

You just love the idea of having your own personal instructor !!!!!!

Do I have to learn on my own?


​We will happily teach small groups so if you would like to learn with your partner, siblings or friends then we can usually work something out.  Clients obviously make quicker progress when they're able to practice plenty between lessons - learning with friends often facilitates this.  We can even run a course (e.g. Self Defence, Qigong) just for a few of you!

​Don't waste any more time  -  Get in touch!!

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Welcome to Sengay Arts

Sengay Arts is based in the Leeds area of the UK and specialises in one to one and small group martial art tuition.  We also offer our lessons andcourses​ around the U.K. 

If you're new to the fighting arts and unsure which would be best suited to you then we can help find the right one.

If you already have experience in the martial arts and seek to deepen your knowledge or just want to try something completely different then check out the  Styles  &  Weapons  on offer.